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The most annoying Theme Park guests

Are these the most annoying Theme Park guests?

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Support your local park #SupportYourLocalPark

You may or may not have seen on social media that during the coming week we will be devoting our time to showcasing what some of the best smaller and family run parks the UK has to offer. The reason for doing this is because when the park season starts, we need to make sure […]

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Tentatively planning a Netherlands and Belgium trip

Given the current situation, it’s tricky to start planning properly and getting things booked but we are getting itchy feet and I thought I would start thinking about our next trip into Europe, whenever it’s possible for that to happen. As we have a trip to London planned for September I think realistically we would […]

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Introducing the Theme Park Loopy Podcast

We’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for a long time but despite doing all the research and putting the tools together, we never quite made that final push. Finally, we have recently launched the Theme Park Loopy Podcast and our pilot episode is already online. The pilot episode ‘Disneyland Paris, Loves & Hates’ allowed […]

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Trip cancellations and early plans for 2020

To say it’s been an interesting start to the year would be an understatement. As you may have seen we did manage a couple of trips to Blackpool before the U.K. lockdown but now our plans going forward remain uncertain. Cancellations We had a few key trips already planned and booked for 2020 including a […]

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CocaCola Freestyle: What you need to know!

You may have seen a lot of people talk about CocaCola Freestyle being available at some U.K. Theme Parks but left wondering, what on Earth is CocaCola Freestyle? In this article we’ll give you a brief overview of what it is and how to get the best from it, including some interesting combinations of flavours […]

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Disneyland Paris vs Disney World: What’s the difference?

This is a question I’ve seen come up a lot recently as more people think about visiting Disneyland Paris for the first time and are more accustomed to visiting Disney World in Orlando. This is often a question raised by those in the U.K. intrigued by the tantalising fact that Disney magic is only a […]