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When McDonalds served up the McThriller!

Big Macs and rides, what could go wrong?

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Loopy Live! Disneyland Paris Vs Disney World! 12/06/2020

Joined by Sam (CoasterSamBlog), Charley (Go Theme Parks) and friend of the page Dan we will compare and contrast the highlights of Disneyland Paris and Disney World, live on the Theme Park Loopy Facebook page from 8:30pm U.K. time. We’ve already had a brief discussion about what we love about both parks and it’s clear […]

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Whatever happened to… Magnum Force

Here’s what happened to Magnum Force…

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Podcast: Chatting with former Disney World Cast Member ‘Coaster Sam’

In our latest Podcast Episode on the Theme Park Loopy Podcast we chat with Blogger and former Disney Cast Member Coaster Sam. Sam gave us some great insights into how to become a Cast Member and shared some of his favourite moments along with the biggest challenges. Sam described how he started working in UK […]

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Theme Parks could change forever

If Theme Parks want to reopen soon, they will need to put a number of measures in place to show the world that they are safe places to be. We know that most enthusiasts would return in a heartbeat to their favourite park but the real battle is convincing the general public. This means that […]

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Podcast: Reopening Theme Parks after COVID19 – Part 1

Joined by Steven from THRILL MAXX we discussed how Theme Parks across the world could reopen and some of the measures that are being suggested and being implemented to make that happen. Steven gave us some fantastic insights as to what is currently happening in the states including an interesting point around the fact that […]

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Disney World survey reveals what reopening could look like

Could Disney World reopen with limited hotels, rides and experiences?