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One beautiful day at Camelot Theme Park

Memories of a sun soaked Birthday spent at Camelot Theme Park

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The highs and lows of Scarefest 2020

What we thought of Alton Towers Scarefest 2020

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What the new England Covid measures could mean for Theme Parks

What England’s new Covid-19 measures could mean for Theme Parks…

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4 reasons ICON is overhyped

Here’s how ICON has been overhyped…

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Trip Report: Alton Towers Gardens 14/06/2020

Our experience visiting the Alton Towers Gardens.

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Whatever happened to… Magnum Force

Here’s what happened to Magnum Force…

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Podcast: Reopening Theme Parks after COVID19 – Part 1

Joined by Steven from THRILL MAXX we discussed how Theme Parks across the world could reopen and some of the measures that are being suggested and being implemented to make that happen. Steven gave us some fantastic insights as to what is currently happening in the states including an interesting point around the fact that […]

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Reopening the parks and what to expect

As the current health crisis is showing signs of slowing down, the prospect of Theme Parks reopening has been a hot topic. We are planning to record a special podcast episode shortly to discuss this topic, but in the meantime here’s some measures we may expect to see in the U.K. when the parks do […]

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The most annoying Theme Park guests

Are these the most annoying Theme Park guests?

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Support your local park #SupportYourLocalPark

You may or may not have seen on social media that during the coming week we will be devoting our time to showcasing what some of the best smaller and family run parks the UK has to offer. The reason for doing this is because when the park season starts, we need to make sure […]