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Zombies vs Theme Parks: Surviving a Zombie apocalypse in a Theme Park

Could you survive a Zombie Apocalypse in a Theme Park?

I’ve always been a fan of Zombie films and I was thinking back to the film Zombieland which I last saw a few years ago I began to wonder, could you survive a Zombie Apocalypse in a Theme Park? In this article I’ll go through some of the pro’s and con’s and rate the chances of survival! For the purposes of this article I’ll be using the classic, slow moving Zombie.

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Walls and fences

A feature of every park is the use of large gates, fences and walls. This gives Theme Parks a ready made defence against Zombies being able to wander into the park. The main challenge would be that dependent on the park size, you would have to monitor and defend a large spread out area and if your numbers are low this could be a real challenge. This means to increase your chances you would choose a smaller park. One potential weakness could be the location of turnstiles and so these may require further fortification.

Lookout points

Theme Parks are likely to have at least a few rides that reach a height that offers views across the park and beyond. This offers the perfect location for a lookout, allowing your group to see incoming threats and give you time to prepare defences or flee if necessary. One weakness of this is that you would likely to subject to the elements unless you could build some sort of shelter. This could therefore become labour intensive and may not be possible to keep lookout at all times, especially in extreme weather.


You would likely find a good supply of chocolate and fizzy drinks from vending machines which would allow you to maintain a good level of energy. It is however unlikely that you would find much fresh food and any that you do find would perish quickly. Theme Parks are however well known for serving frozen fast food and so as long as you could build a fire or BBQ you may find a large store of pre prepared foods such as burgers and sausages. This would provide food for a number of weeks but in the long term you would need to start growing food. Not all parks are known for having large green spaces and so if your chosen park is known for its car park coasters, this could be a problem.


A lot of rides have maintenance areas and parks will offer a large number of catering areas. This means you are likely to come across material that could be used to defend yourself against marauding hordes of Zombies. This does however mean that some imagination and perhaps some engineering experience may be beneficial.


Parks are often located near large population centres which means that large numbers of Zombies could be near by. This may not be an issue in the short term as Zombies feed their way through the city. Eventually however the Zombie horse will start to travel and may reach your park en masse.


In the short term I would rate chances of survival to be quite high due to the ready made defences and that food is likely to be found. As time goes on however it may become difficult to defend a large area due to group members falling ill or general fatigue. It would also be difficult to last on frozen burgers for long and if you can’t find a way to grow food within the park you would need to leave to forage for food which increases the risks greatly. Other factors that are hugely important would be the size of your group vs the size of the park and ability to turn available materials into useful tools. Overall survival rating 4/10.

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