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One day in Paris: From Disneyland to Central Paris

As you may or may not know we visited Disneyland Paris in March for 5 nights, staying in the Val D’ Europe area which is close to Disneyland but a 45 minute train ride into Paris. As part of our trip we did however decide to spend one day in Paris. In this post I will cover how to get to the centre of Paris from Disneyland and how to reach popular tourist hot spots.

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Getting to Paris

After leaving our hotel early in the morning we headed straight for the train station. You will find two train stations close by Disneyland Paris and both stations have trains that head into Paris. If you are staying in a Disney Hotel or close to the parks your nearest train station is Marne-la-Vallee Chessy which is located near the gates of Disneyland Park and the Disney Village. Should you be staying in Serris or Val d’ Europe your nearest train station is Val d’ Europe. Trains to Paris run often and we waited around 20 minutes for ours. Before you go to the station platform simply use the ticket machines, choosing English as the language so you can follow the instructions. Both train stations are relatively small and so it’s straightforward finding the platform for Paris. The train is likely to be double decker and will be part of Regional Express Rail (RER) operated by RATP. I found a really useful map of the Paris metro system which you can also find HERE. A return ticket should cost in the region of 15 Euros and the journey into central Paris will take up to 45 minutes.

The Eiffel Tower from Trocadero

Dependent on what you wish to see first in Paris you have a couple of different options. As we wanted to visit the Pompidou centre and Notre Dame Cathedral, we chose to step off the train at Les Halles. After visiting Notre Dame we took a stroll along the River Seine and headed towards the Louvre, on to Concord and finally walked along the Champs Elysee. At a slow pace and with taking in the sights this probably took us a couple of hours. If however you wish to take the train towards the Eiffel Tower, you should leave the train at Charles de Gaulle Etoile and then take the Metro to Trocadero. This will give you some fantastic photo opportunities as you wander down towards the tower. The metro system in Paris is very extensive and like London it’s a great way to get around. If you choose to do so, I would suggest looking into buying a day pass as individual trips could become expensive.

Things to do

After grabbing a bite to eat along the Champs Elysee which is home to a range of high end shops and eateries, we decided to hop on to a Paris sightseeing bus. For the cost of around 35 Euros per person this allowed us to hop on and off and see quickly most of the main tourist sites in Paris. A bonus feature of the ticket we purchased was that it offered a boat ride on the river. The boat ride was one of the highlights of our day in Paris and allowed us to take the weight of our feet with a beer in one hand and a crepe in the other.

A river cruise and a beer in Paris

After our river cruise we had planned to visit the Eiffel Tower but unfortunately the weather had other ideas as ice cold rain started to pour. What had started as a warm and sunny day had within an hour transformed into a winters day. We took this as our que to start heading back and we made our way towards Trocadero station and began our journey back to Val d’ Europe.

If you plan to visit Paris as part of your trip to Disneyland Paris I would recommend very carefully thinking about what you would like to see or whether you just want to take a stroll and soak up the atmosphere. Paris like any capital is a very large city and in one day you are unlikely to see much in great detail. I would suggest making an early start and heading either to the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame area first and later take a trip on a hop on and off bus as we find this a great way to see lots of sites in a very short space of time without the hassle that the metro can offer.

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