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When McDonalds served up the McThriller!

Big Macs and rides, what could go wrong?

Credit to Adam the Woo for his recent video bringing this piece of intrigue to my attention, here’s what we know about when a McDonalds restaurant decided to install an Amusement Park ride, the McThriller! Information about the McThriller is scant but we’ve pieced some of it together for you.

What was the McThriller?

Simply put, this was a motion simulator located within the restaurant building. The ride seated 14 people and could play up to 10 adventures. The adventures included a bobsled run, a motorcycle ride and a light aircraft flight above the countryside. Each adventure lasted around 3 minutes at a cost of $2.50 per ride (that’s $4.50 today).The ride opened in July 1993.

The ride was manufactured by a British subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft as the simulator was originally marketed to Europe. Around 120 of these simulators had been sold by Hughes at the time the McThriller was opened. This probably explains why you couldn’t move in the U.K. during the 90’s without bumping into some sort of simulator.

Motion Simulator

Where was it located?

The first McThriller was located at Beach Boulevard, Los Angeles and was of course opened by Ronald McDonald himself who took the first official ride. The idea however didn’t catch on and the only other location for the ride was in Mexico City.

But, why?

The area of Los Angeles where it was located is considered an ‘entertainment corridor’ not too far away from the likes of Knotts Berry Farm and Disneyland. This meant the location owner felt this was a great way to attract some tourist dollar. The owners hoped the ride would attract around 250,000 people per year and hoped to role the ride out to other McDonald locations in California had it been a hit, but seemingly it wasn’t.

McThriller price list

Were the customers McThrilled?

While it appears that the ride wasn’t quite the big hit the owners had hoped, it did initially receive some rave reviews with one customer saying ‘you get the whole nine yards’ and was ‘incredibly realistic’.

Would you have ridden the McThriller or should it come back? Let us know by finding us on Social Media.


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Mr Towels

2 replies on “When McDonalds served up the McThriller!”

I remember when those simulators were popular. Every aquarium or random tourist attraction had one. They were fun, but they didn’t have enough air flowing and were always stuffy and I felt not so great afterwards. This was when I was a kid/young teen, so if you felt kind of icky in your prime I will ride anything years what about the rest of the population? Plus getting off one and smelling a filet-o-fish? Yeah I can see why they didn’t take off. Up the ventilation though and maybe. Though not right now. No box-o-rona right now.


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