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4 reasons ICON is overhyped

Here’s how ICON has been overhyped…

Before you throw rotten tomatoes at me, ICON is a brilliant coaster, one of my favourites in the UK, and I own two ICON hoodies! That being said, despite its brilliance I feel that the ride is often subject to overhype either amongst enthusiasts or the general public. This has in my opinion led to some unrealistic expectations and therefore detracted from what ICON really has to offer, leading to some new riders being disappointed. I wanted to try and understand why this is happening and therefore here’s 4 reasons why I think ICON has been overhyped:

Initial Marketing

ICON was dubbed as the UK’s first double launch Roller Coaster and while this is up for debate (see Revolution) it did set certain expectations when you put this alongside two of its contemporaries in this category, RITA and Stealth. Both of these are fast, reasonably intense launch coasters and so people may be forgiven for expecting more of the same from ICON. While I would argue that the second launch is more fun due to the rolling start I have often said that I see these launches as being a replacement for a lifthill i.e. a fun way to project the train around the circuit.

It’s at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Like me, many enthusiasts have an affinity with and love Blackpool Pleasure Beach. That said, Pleasure Beach hasn’t seen major ride investment since Valhalla and so the announcement of ICON became an incredibly exciting prospect. This has meant that word of mouth amongst Pleasure Beach enthusiasts went into overdrive which may have been seen as an exciting but otherwise regular installation at bigger parks in Europe or the US. This I think could have driven a lot of the initial hype and could have led to much higher expectations amongst the general public. The scale and ambition of ICON took even the most ardent Pleasure Beach fans by surprise and i’ll admit to being very excited for this installation!


Social Media

Since opening ICON has enjoyed a massive and continuous stream of video and photographs across social media. The reasons for this is simple, it’s a great looking ride. Whether it’s train headlights in the dark, the mist or its impressive interaction with rides across the park its easy to understand why so many people take a few minutes to document and share ICON. This interest has of course created a buzz online, leaving those yet to ride excited to try it out. As we know however, social media can sometimes be responsible for setting unrealistic expectations and doesn’t always tell the full story.

Different perspectives

Those biggest reason ICON is overhyped in my mind is quite simple. It’s a fantastic coaster and lots of people love it. It is also true however that everyone looks for something different from a ride and therefore you get a mixture of experiences. Some people prefer fast and intense launches, some enjoy more inversions and others only enjoy coasters that are silky smooth. What this means is that the lots of people who really enjoy riding ICON have spread this through word of mouth but others with different ride preferences have been left underwhelmed or disappointed. It’s worth pointing out that theirs nothing Pleasure Beach can do about that as it would be in my opinion impossible to create a ride that everyone can agree on!


ICON is a fantastic but doesn’t suit everyone but if you haven’t ridden it yet then I highly recommend it!

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