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Blackpool Tower Covid measures: What to expect!

What social distancing looks like at the Blackpool Tower!

During our most recent trip to Blackpool we decided to take a trip up the Tower. Like many attractions across the U.K., the Blackpool Tower has had to make a number of changes to ensure it is Covid secure. We thought it would be helpful to talk you through these changes so that you know what to expect. If you find our articles useful, you can find us on Facebook by clicking HERE


Prior to your arrival you are asked to book a time slot for your visit. This even applies to people with existing tickets or with annual passes. You can do this simply through the Blackpool Tower website. Entry for the tower is at the front of the building (beach side) and upon your arrival you are asked to queue outside. Dependent on your time slot you are then invited into the building in small groups. Your ticket is checked and then you are invited to make your way to the 5th floor.


After making your way to the 5th floor you will then be asked to form a spaced queue and await having your photo taken as per usual. After your photo you will then in family groups be asked to enter the 4D cinemas’ spread show area. Here you will find large circles on the floor where your party should stand. When the doors open for the 4D cinema you are then directed to a specific row for your party the stand. After the cinema show, you then queue for the lift as per usual. When you are invited into the lift along with another one or two small groups you will be asked to face the window throughout your journey to the top.

At the top

As you leave be elevator you are asked not to crowd around the glass floor and to give yourself space between others. The glass floor has been partitioned by rope into a few separate sections. We found this quite difficult as it’s very much a pinch point at the top of the tower but we tried our best to space. Just be wary that when you are on the glass floor that others behind you may be waiting!

During your time at the inside section of the tower you are asked to stand in specific viewing locations but while outside no restrictions are in place. The bar is however closed!

I hope you found this article useful and do feel free to ask any questions on our social media channels.

Until next time!

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